StaffBridge was created in response to overwhelming demand from clients for a comprehensive stand-alone staffing and scheduling software solution. Our proprietary cutting-edge technology has over 10 years of success with continual enhancements to improve staffing efficiency, maximize resource allocation, and create transparency for our clients and staffing partners.

We provide a real-time, web-based staffing and scheduling solution which is accessible anywhere at any time.  Our intuitive technology empowers our clients to manage, monitor, and predict activity throughout the entire staffing process.

StaffBridge software solutions, user-friendly technology platforms, and mobile apps were co-created by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals and experienced, creative IT developers. StaffBridge clients enjoy custom workforce solutions creating time and cost savings throughout the staffing process. Our automated technologies streamline reporting, vendor management and contingent staffing with greater accuracy and reduced risk.

In short, StaffBridge helps you provide five-star quality healthcare and outcomes through customized solutions tailor-made to maximize your workforce success and enhance service to your clients and patients.